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Pirangut Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun 0 Votes Fees - ₹700
Pirangut Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun 0 Votes Fees - ₹700
Pirangut Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun 0 Votes Fees - ₹700
Pirangut Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun 0 Votes Fees - ₹700
Pirangut Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun 0 Votes Fees - ₹700

Services Offered In “Ruby Hall Clinic”

For over half a century, Ruby Hall Clinic has been committed to those who seek its care. With a four-bedded nursing home in the year 1959 in the heart of Pune, the hospital has pio-neered medical frontiers and boasts of a 600-bedded multi speciality centre found under the stewardship of Padma Bhushan Late Dr. K.B Grant. This is in addition to a 130-bedded unit at Wanowrie and 70-bedded centre at Hinjawadi. All of these are manned by a team of 300 consultants, over 650 panel doctors and 1500 paramedical staff. This is besides the 24 peripheral centres across the state of Maharashtra. Embracing quality improvement, personalised healthcare and high-end technology, we are known to be Pune’s first nationally accredited multi-speciality centre. We are amongst the handful of centres in India to be accredited with 9 NABH and NABL certifications and a cGreen OT certification for our operation theatres. With an extraordinary array of resources for the provision of compassionate, state-of-the-art care, we are poised to identify and re-spond to the health-related needs of the diverse populations we serve. Aided by the latest in science and technology, we treat more than 30,000 inpatients and over 1.2 lac outpatients every single year. From cardiac surgery and cancer treatment, to transplant units for kidney, liver, bone marrow and heart; from advanced neurosurgery to hip and joint replacements, from urology to bariatrics and IVF to even high-tech imaging and diagnostics, we cover any speciality one can imagine – right from the top of the head to the tip of the toes.

Specialities Offered In This Hospital

Ortho 14 Services
Bone Fracture Procedure Study Compare ₹8300
Bone Fracture Surgery Compare ₹33700
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Compare ₹46200
ACL Tear Compare ₹121000
Spine Surgery Compare ₹38100
Knee Replacement Surgery Compare ₹137600
Hip Replacement Compare ₹137600
Physical Therapy Compare ₹370
Shoulder Dislocation Compare ₹21000
Tendonitis Compare ₹8300
Ligament Tear Compare ₹3500
Sprains and Strains Compare ₹1580
Frozen Shoulder Compare ₹5200
Tennis Elbow Compare ₹2100
Gynaec 11 Services
Vaginal Cyst Compare ₹3500
Hymenoplasty Compare ₹23100
Ovarian Cyst Compare ₹104500
Hysterectomy Compare ₹96500
Vaginoplasty Compare ₹12700
Labiaplasty Compare ₹11600
Uterus Removal Compare ₹28500
Vaginal Wart Removal Compare ₹3500
Bartholin Cyst Compare ₹3500
PCOD / PCOS Treatment Compare ₹12700
Loose Vagina Treatment Compare ₹3500
Child Care
Child Care 8 Services
Normal Delivery Compare ₹59500
C - Section Delivery Compare ₹69500
Family Planning / Tubectomy Compare ₹11000
Abortion Compare ₹2500
Fallopian Tube Surgery Compare ₹5170
Fibroids Compare ₹12700
Pregnancy Care Compare ₹2000
Miscarriage Compare ₹2000
IVF 4 Services
IUI Compare ₹3400
ICSI Compare ₹114000
IVF (In-Vitiro Fertilization) Compare ₹108000
Blastocyst Culture And Transfer Compare ₹50000
General 21 Services
Piles Surgery Compare ₹53000
Anal Fistula Compare ₹19100
Anal Fissure Compare ₹53000
Pilonidal Sinus Compare ₹65000
Piles Treatment Compare ₹4800
Fistula Treatment Compare ₹4800
Laparotomy (Small Intestine) Compare ₹19100
Cholecystectomy (Large Intestine) Compare ₹17500
Abdominoplasty / Tummy Tuck Surgery (Appendix) Compare ₹34700
Hernia Surgery Compare ₹13300
Inguinal Hernia Surgery Compare ₹13300
Umbilical Hernia Surgery Compare ₹13300
Rectal Prolapse Surgery Compare ₹11400
Deep Vein Thrombosis Surgery Compare ₹38100
Varicose Veins Surgery Compare ₹12100
Varicocele Surgery Compare ₹20300
Uterine Fibroids Surgery Compare ₹12700
Diabetic Foot Ulcer Surgery Compare ₹19100
Obesity / Diet / Fibromuscular Dysplasia Compare ₹250
Blood Pressure / Thinners / Blood Clot Compare ₹330
Appendicitis Surgery Compare ₹15600
Gall Bladder
Gall Bladder 1 Services
Gallbladder Stone Removal Compare ₹16000
Pancreas 1 Services
Resection (Pancreas) Compare ₹25400
Kidney 10 Services
Kidney Stone Removal Compare ₹25000
Hydrocele Compare ₹11400
Phimosis Compare ₹5000
Kidney Resection Compare ₹31200
Ureter Blockage Compare ₹20500
Kidney Transplant Compare ₹700000
Cystoscopy Compare ₹10200
Prostate Biopsy Compare ₹12000
Dialysis Compare ₹2900
Central Line Compare ₹3400
Skin 13 Services
Gynecomastia (man boobs) Compare ₹25500
Liposuction Compare ₹34700
Breast Surgery Compare ₹69300
Lipoma Compare ₹45000
Breast Augmentation Compare ₹34700
Breast Reduction Compare ₹34700
Hydrafacial Compare ₹11600
Laser Toning Compare ₹1160
Carbon Laser Peel Compare ₹1160
Injectable Skin Boosters Compare ₹3300
Chemical Peel Compare ₹1160
Dermal Fillers Compare ₹1160
Botox Compare ₹1470
Eye 5 Services
Cataract Surgery Compare ₹38000
Glaucoma Surgery Compare ₹38000
Cornea Surgery Compare ₹38000
Lasik Surgery Compare ₹40000
Dry Eyes Compare ₹790
Teeth 6 Services
Dental Surgery Compare ₹15250
Dental Implant/Replacement Surgery Compare ₹7510
Inner Flap Surgery Compare ₹2310
Teeth Braces Compare ₹8890
Root Canal Surgery Compare ₹6500
Teeth Cleaning Compare ₹450
ENT 9 Services
Adenoidectomy Compare ₹20000
Tonsillectomy / Tonsil Surgery Compare ₹20000
Septoplasty Compare ₹61000
Ear Surgery Compare ₹34700
Nose Surgery Compare ₹60500
Throat Surgery Compare ₹34700
Sinus Surgery Compare ₹65000
Ear Cleaning Compare ₹1400
Tonsillectomy / Tonsil Treatment Compare ₹4600
Brain 5 Services
Vascular Surgery Compare ₹42400
Brain Surgery Compare ₹40000
Nerve Surgery Compare ₹31800
Soft Tissue Brain Surgery Compare ₹30000
FITS Compare ₹4000
Liver 5 Services
Liver Transplant Compare ₹2300000
Liver Resection Compare ₹247500
Transjugular Intrahepatic Portosystemic Shunt (TIPS) Compare ₹27500
Weightloss Treatment Compare ₹4000
Band Ligation Compare ₹13300
Heart 5 Services
Bypass Surgery Compare ₹48400
Angiography Compare ₹45000
Open Heart Surgery Compare ₹300000
Valve Replacement Surgery Compare ₹355000
Pacemaker Implant Compare ₹110000
Lungs 5 Services
Lung Transplant Surgery Compare ₹2200000
Lobectomy Compare ₹247500
Thoracoscopic Wedge Resection Compare ₹30000
Lung Biopsy Compare ₹30000
Bronchoscopy Compare ₹8900
Cancer 13 Services
Bone Marrow Transplant Compare ₹82500
Cancer Surgery Compare ₹29000
Oral Cancer Surgery Compare ₹246400
Lung Cancer Surgery Compare ₹247500
Tumor Cancer Surgery Compare ₹82500
Chemotherapy Compare ₹3000
Radiation Therapy Compare ₹38500
Immunotherapy Compare ₹950000
Hormone Therapy Compare ₹6050
Targeted Drug Therapy Compare ₹6000
Cryoblation Compare ₹4600
Cancer Investigation - Biopsy Compare ₹11700
Cancer Investigation - IHC Compare ₹2330