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Services Offered In “Piyush Super Speciality Hospital”

Piyush Hospital in Jogeshwari East, Mumbai is a reliable name in the industry as they aim to deliver the best experience to their customers. This has helped them build up a loyal customer base. They started their journey in and ever since, they have ensured that the customer remains at the centre of their business operations and philosophy. As they are located in a favourable neighbourhood, exactly at Raj Ratna Co-Operative Housing Society, Mumbai Ahmedabad Highway Service Road, Jogeshwari East-400060 , it is easy to locate Piyush Hospital on the map. For any kind of assistance or questions, it is best to contact them directly during their business hours.

Specialities Offered In This Hospital

Ortho 14 Services
Bone Fracture Procedure Study Compare
Bone Fracture Surgery Compare
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Compare
ACL Tear Compare
Tennis Elbow Compare
Spine Surgery Compare
Knee Replacement Surgery Compare
Hip Replacement Compare
Physical Therapy Compare
Shoulder Dislocation Compare
Tendonitis Compare
Ligament Tear Compare
Sprains and Strains Compare
Frozen Shoulder Compare
General 20 Services
Piles Surgery Compare
Anal Fistula Compare
Anal Fissure Compare
Pilonidal Sinus Compare
Piles Treatment Compare
Fistula Treatment Compare
Laparotomy (Small Intestine) Compare
Cholecystectomy (Large Intestine) Compare
Abdominoplasty / Tummy Tuck Surgery (Appendix) Compare
Hernia Surgery Compare
Appendicitis Surgery Compare
Inguinal Hernia Surgery Compare
Umbilical Hernia Surgery Compare
Rectal Prolapse Surgery Compare
Deep Vein Thrombosis Surgery Compare
Varicose Veins Surgery Compare
Varicocele Surgery Compare
Diabetic Foot Ulcer Surgery Compare
Obesity / Diet / Fibromuscular Dysplasia Compare
Blood Pressure / Thinners / Blood Clot Compare
Kidney 4 Services
Kidney Stone Removal Compare
Hydrocele Compare
Phimosis Compare
Ureter Blockage Compare
Cancer 8 Services
Bone Marrow Transplant Compare
Cancer Surgery Compare
Oral Cancer Surgery Compare
Lung Cancer Surgery Compare
Tumor Cancer Surgery Compare
Chemotherapy Compare
Cancer Investigation - Biopsy Compare
Cancer Investigation - IHC Compare
Gall Bladder
Gall Bladder 1 Services
Gallbladder Stone Removal Compare
Pancreas 1 Services
Resection (Pancreas) Compare

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