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    What is Cataract?

    A cataract is an eye disorder that affects the vision of a person suffering from it. Cataracts are formations of a dense and cloudy layer in the lens of the eyes. This layer obstructs the passage of light through the lens, resulting in unclear and blurred vision in the person affected by it. The formation of cataracts happens when proteins in the eye accumulate at the lenses, preventing them from sending clear images to the retina (part of the eye that processes the things we see). The retina is responsible for sending signals to the brain through optic nerves to process vision as a response.

    Drawbacks of Delay in Cataract Treatment
    • Vision loss: Cataracts tend to worsen over time, and delaying surgery can result in further vision loss, making it more difficult to perform daily activities.
    • Increased risk of complications: Delaying cataract surgery can increase the risk of complications during the procedure, as well as the risk of post-surgery infections and inflammation.
    • Decreased quality of life: Decreased vision can impact a person's quality of life, causing them to miss out on activities they enjoy and leading to depression and anxiety.
    • Safety concerns: Poor vision can increase the risk of falls, which is especially dangerous for older adults.
    • Difficulty treating other eye conditions: Delaying cataract surgery can make it more difficult to treat other eye conditions that may be present, such as age-related macular degeneration or diabetic retinopathy.

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