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    Drawbacks of Delay in Cataract Treatment
    • Vision loss: Cataracts tend to worsen over time, and delaying surgery can result in further vision loss, making it more difficult to perform daily activities.
    • Increased risk of complications: Delaying cataract surgery can increase the risk of complications during the procedure, as well as the risk of post-surgery infections and inflammation.
    • Decreased quality of life: Decreased vision can impact a person's quality of life, causing them to miss out on activities they enjoy and leading to depression and anxiety.
    • Safety concerns: Poor vision can increase the risk of falls, which is especially dangerous for older adults.
    • Difficulty treating other eye conditions: Delaying cataract surgery can make it more difficult to treat other eye conditions that may be present, such as age-related macular degeneration or diabetic retinopathy.

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