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EasyHeals: A step forward towards Digital India

EasyHeals: A step forward towards Digital India

  • June 19, 2022

Six years into the Digital India initiative, the country has emerged as the second-fastest growing digital adopter among leading digitalized nations and is posing as a big success story. Digital services of all kinds have gained immense traction from the concentrated Indian urban populations where internet accessibility is an all-time high. Over the years, we have witnessed a growing trend in people from all demographics eliciting positive responses towards digital ministrations. Amidst such rapid development, healthcare sector has so far been a slow mover as compared to e-commerce shopping, transactions or even education in the digital market.

We are an innovational team of entrepreneurs, who share a singular agenda: to have the everyday internet-user find their ideal healthcare need located nearest to them, just a few clicks away. It is our mission to empower everyone to make independent and informed decisions regarding medical and healthcare and to make the process of finding the right choice fast and seamless. Our Digital Solution with EasyHeals recognizes individual health as an essential factor for public development and is an effort in making physical and mental healthcare accessible, opportune, personalized and smart.

We believe our EasyHeals venture will directly contribute to consumer-empowerment by enabling their right to choose based on metrics of price comparability, customer reviews and ratings and many more. And we sincerely hope the initiative will bring us a few steps forward in realizing the dream of a truly Digital India.

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